“…Music is the Best”

Thus concluded a brilliant thought by Frank Zappa, Maestro Zappa!

Heartbreaker –  a 45 rpm single taken from the album Led Zeppelin II – it had just come out and, as
thirteen year old boy from Romagna, I used to listen to it with my “mangiadischi” (a rudimentary
portable turntable) and get in the groove. Then my first Hi-Fi arrived – a Milani integrated turntable
and amplifier – on which I could play my beloved Lps, my first real concert: Genesis in Lugo
di Romagna on a rainy afternoon in April ’72. The first of many…

I’ve always been fascinated by the live music experience, since as a musician, I had a little hope of
being able to play the guitar like my idols.
After a few years spent listening vinyl and going to concerts (managing to study and later work in the
breaks from my true passion!), I had the good fortune to find through my camera lens the passion
that, since the end of ’70s, allowed me to feel as it I were on stage, trying to immortalize the magic of music.
The essence of a musician is in their performance, while capturing those moments, where the image seems to sing to us.
At first it was rock, the soundtrack of my youth: music became a salutary addiction that took me on a
long journey, listening to music from J.S. Bach to Prince encompassing more or less in order
the following stars:

Led Zeppelin & Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel & King Crimson, Bob Dylan & Jackson Browne,
Joni Mitchell & CSNY, Little Feat & Eagles, Grateful Dead & Santana, Jimi Hendrix & Jaco Pastorius,
Bruce Springsteen & U2, Police & Talking Heads, Frank Zappa & Stravinsky, Haendel & Scarlatti,
Mozart & Beethoven, Charlie Parker & Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk & Roland Kirk, John Coltrane &
Chet Baker, Glenn Gould & Sviatoslav Richter, Bill Evans & Keith Jarrett, Chopin & Listz, Brahms & Rachmaninov,
Wagner & Mahler, Tchaikovsky & Debussy, Bob Marley & Fela Kuti, James Brown &
Ray Charles, Joy Division & Cure, Ravel & Gershwin, Duke Ellington & Shostakovich, Beatles &
Radiohead, Caetano Veloso & Djavan, Stefano Bollani & Elio e Le Storie Tese…

For “technical reasons” it was not possible to photograph them all but … I can say that it was a

“ labour of love”

Onwards and upwards!

Roberto Ugolini Dal Bosco

TAB, Giovanni Canitano, Roberto Cotroneo, Piero Ronchi, Miguel Sal, ….thanks!